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CDTA Exam Program


Tap, Jazz & Ballet Syllabus

Ages 8 & over

* minimum of one year experience in Exam discipline

 - Weekly 45 minute class for exam work

$35.00 / mth (GST included)

  • must be currently enrolled in a weekly choreography class of your exam discipline.

  • must be currently enrolled in a weekly Ballet class

  • Exams Grade 3+ must be enrolled in appropriate weekly Technique class

Program Information

The CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) exam program teaches dancer's discipline and instills strong technique. It also provides the dancer with the challenge to improve their flexibility and become a stronger, more confident dancer and individual. This will be achieved by the satisfaction of ongoing improvement and completing their exam credential levels.


The CDTA Exam program is a valuable part of any dancers education and development and is for serious, committed dancers interested in furthering their dance education and potentially becoming dance instructors. 


Similar to swimming levels and piano exams, there are a total of 8 exam levels in each style of dance to be completed. Students will learn a set syllabus of combinations to be tested on. Once these combinations have been taught in class, students will work each week in their exam class to perfect these to the best of their ability. The Exam program requires the student to possess a strong work ethic, requiring practice outside the classroom. Your best cannot be achieved by only coming to class once a week.


Students must be able to successfully perform the exam syllabus for their teacher at evaluations prior to exam entries being sent in order to complete the exam grade that season. Teachers can not correct what can not be shown to them by the student. Examinations will be written at the complete discretion of the teacher when the dancer is prepared. 

  • Ballet examinations are typically held near the end of January

  • Tap & Jazz examinations are typically held near the middle of February


* Please take these dates into consideration if you are planning any holidays.

Mandatory Requirements
  • ALL Levels & Disciplines- dancers must be registered in a weekly Ballet class.

    • Ballet technique is the backbone for all forms of dancing and the earlier students start developing in ballet the stronger their technique will become. Strong ballet technique is essential for exam students to achieve their best results.

  • Jazz - Grade III Exam & up - dancers must be registered in Technique & Conditioning class to improve flexibility required for exam syllabus.

  • Tap - Grade III Exam & up - dancers must be registered in Tap Technique class to strengthen their pickups, wings, and pirouettes which are required techniques in their exam syllabus.

  • Ballet - Grade III Exam & up - dancers must be registered in Ballet Technique & Conditioning to further strengthen their turnout, balance and pointe technique. When strong enough, they will move into a pointe class in preparation for their Grade 5 examination. 

Class Attire

Weekly Class Attire - Exam students are required to wear proper dance attire for the instructor to be able to correct & see body lines.

  • bodysuit, tights & lycra shorts (NO loose pants, Capri pants or tank tops to exam class)

  • Hair to be worn up in a ponytail or bun pulled away from the face

Proper shoes as outlined below:

  • Tap Exam - Leather soled tap shoes (Capezio Mary Jane; Grade III & up Cuban Heel)

  • Jazz Exam - Black "split sole" jazz shoes

  • Ballet Exam - Pink leather ballet slippers

Examination Attire - Proper Attire for written exam

  • Tap & Jazz - Black Tank style bodysuit, Black tights

  • Ballet - Black Tank style bodysuit, Pink ballet tights

  • Dancers must wear appropriate shoes as noted above 

  • Dancers hair must be slicked back in a Bun

  • NO jewellery and only minimal, natural looking makeup

Recital Participation Opportunity!

Exam students have the privilege to perform in the Opening & Finale Numbers of our Year-end Parade of Stars Recital!

Participation in these routines is exclusively offered to our exam students. Choreography will include both Tap and Jazz and will begin after all CDTA Exams have been written by the end of February. Monthly fees will remain the same, weekly exam classes will be eliminated and a new revised time slot is scheduled to accommodate an extended choreography class for these additional routines.


More information will be handed out with costume sketches and a new schedule will be determined once exams are completed

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