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Group Costume & Stage Information

All the information you need to get your dancer stage ready for this year's routines! Updated info for 2022 performance season will be posted soon to provide details such as Routine Name, Tights, Hairstyle, Costume alterations and more for each routine. 

NOTE:  If you did not pre-order legwear the comparable/acceptable legwear can be purchased locally.  Full footed tights would be Mondor #310 in suntan, classic pink or black. 

*click images below to view details 

Team Costume Information


Curly Hairpieces -

Recommended products: Youth Spiral ponytail, Original Teen spiral or Piggies pigtail set for younger dancers (under age 9)


Hair & Makeup Tutorials

Makeup - 

Hair Supplies - 
Long Hair - 
Short Hair - 

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